Urgent Request: Email Support For Short Term Rental Cap

Your help is urgently needed! Please copy and send TODAY the email below to demand that cities be allowed to cap Short Term Rentals (STRs).

The Arizona League of Cities and Towns is considering proposals to cap Short Term Rentals at the League’s conference tomorrow August 29th! We need everyone to email the League’s key staff and CC all the committee members (city mayors) in support of a cap of one kind or another on short term rentals (STRs). We want inboxes full as they hear discussion on whether to support this needed legislation.

Three Proposals By City of Scottsdale

The three proposals seek to:

  • Cap the total number of short-term rentals in their community
  • Limit the density of short-term rentals in specified areas
  • Establish separation requirements between short-term rentals

Why Is Your Help Needed Right Now?

We need to make sure the League sees it’s duty as serving cities and not making deals with special interests (AriBnB) that have the effect of making our cities less safe.

The Arizona League of Cities and Towns does not always have our best interests at heart. In 2018, when Phoenix voted to end membership in the League, then mayor Thelda Williams was quoted as saying: “Time and time again the League staff has worked against our interests without consulting or involving us. They are proven ineffective on several key issues that have affected us in meaningful ways.”

As regards Short Term Rentals, The League brokered a back room deal with special interests to get SB 1554 passed, which allowed cities to place some constraints on STRs. But in a stunning breach of trust in 2022, League of Arizona Cities and Towns agreed to a five year moratorium on new STR legislation.

“League of Arizona Cities and Towns signed an agreement with Airbnb and Expedia Group, which owns the vacation rental company Vrbo, that temporarily limits the League’s ability to advocate for changes to the state’s short-term rental laws.”

Fortunately Sedona and a few other cities (Flagstaff) did not sign on to this short-sighted strategy.

“We have our own lobbyist, and we will be using our lobbyist, regardless of what the League of Cities and Towns has agreed to,” said Sedona Mayor Scott Jablow, who took office in November. 

While Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega did sign on to the moratorium, he noted that the moratorium “does not prevent advocating for legislation limiting the number of short-term rentals.”

Read more about the STR mess all over Arizona here.

So Will The League Stand With The People?

The League is discussing the Scottsdale proposals at it’s conference on August 29th. This is where you come in. Please help ensure the League supports a cap on short term rentals. Please copy the email below and send it to the recipients listed below so that inboxes are full August 29th and beyond, as the League debates what to do with the Scottsdale proposals.

Learn about who we need to contact next, or just scroll to the Email Template section below to copy/paste an email into your email program and hit send.

Who We Want To Reach

We want to give our support for a cap on short term rentals to the leadership of the League, and to city mayors on the Executive Committee that will be considering the Scottsdale proposals. These are the people in the League representing the the most power in this fight.

League Staff

Tom Belshe
Executive Director

René Guillen
Deputy Director

Matthew S. Lore
Deputy Director

Tom Savage
Legislative Director

Jonathan Bates
Legislative Analyst

Executive Committee Officers

Douglas Nicholls

Mayor, Yuma

Vice President
Kevin Hartke

Mayor, Chandler

Mila Besich

Mayor, Superior

Executive Committee Members

Ken Budge
Mayor, Bisbee

Craig McFarland
Mayor, Casa Grande

Robyn Prud’homme-Bauer
Mayor, Clarkdale

Alexis Hermosillo
Mayor, El Mirage

Ginny Dickey
Mayor, Fountain Hills

Bridgette Peterson
Mayor, Gilbert

Jerry Weiers
Mayor, Glendale

Al Gameros
Mayor, Globe

Joe Pizzillo
Mayor, Goodyear

Cal Sheehy
Mayor, Lake Havasu City

Tom Schoaf
Mayor, Litchfield Park

Ed Honea
Mayor, Marana

Nancy Smith
Mayor, Maricopa

John Giles
Mayor, Mesa

Jerry Bien-Willner
Mayor, Paradise Valley

Jason Beck
Mayor, Peoria

Kate Gallego
Mayor, Phoenix

Stephanie Irwin
Mayor, Pinetop-Lakeside

Tom Murphy
Mayor, Sahuarita

David Ortega
Mayor, Scottsdale

Corey Woods
Mayor, Tempe

Regina Romero
Mayor of Tucson

Email Template

TO (recipients)
Copy this list of emails of the staff of the League into the TO line of your email program:

tbelshe@azleague.org, rguillen@azleague.org, mlore@azleague.org, tsavage@azleague.org, jbates@azleague.org

CC (carbon copy)
Copy this list of emails of the members of the Executive Committee of the League into the CC line of your email program:

Kbudge@bisbeeaz.gov, Craig_McFarland@casagrandeaz.gov, robyn.prudhomme-bauer@clarkdale.az.gov, ahermosillo@elmirageaz.gov, gdickey@fountainhillsaz.gov, brigette.peterson@gilbertaz.gov, glendalemayor@glendaleaz.com, al.gameros@globeaz.gov, Joe.Pizzillo@goodyearaz.gov, sheehyc@lhcaz.gov, tschoaf@litchfieldpark.gov, ehonea@maranaaz.gov, Nancy.Smith@maricopa-az.gov, mayor@mesaaz.gov, jbienwillner@paradisevalleyaz.gov, mayor@peoriaaz.gov, mayor.gallego@phoenix.gov, sirwin@pinetoplakesideaz.gov, tmurphy@sahuaritaaz.gov, dortega@ScottsdaleAz.gov, Corey_Woods@tempe.gov, Mayor.Romero@tucsonaz.gov

Please support a cap on short term rentals!

Body (Be SURE to add your name and address at the bottom!)

I am writing to ask that the Arizona League of Cities and Towns (the League) support the people for relief from the negative effects of short term rentals in our cities. It is vital that that we the people through our elected city officials regain the power to self-determine how short term rentals should be supported in our community.

I ask that the League help us control the proliferation of short term rentals by help to draft and lobby for passage legislation that enables cities to decide to:

  • Cap the total number of short-term rentals in their community
  • Limit the density of short-term rentals in specified areas
  • Establish separation requirements between short-term rentals

Members of the League’s Executive Committee, please use your vote to enable the League to fight for ensure the negative aspects of short term rentals do not become commonplace, like for example degradation of communities (“I have no more neighbors!”). and worse, like repeated gunfire incidents at short term rentals seen in Scottsdale in recent years.

The League is a critical player in this fight. As one the biggest lobby groups in Arizona, representing cities and towns, you represent indirectly the people of Arizona. Please do not act at cross purposes to the will of Arizona citizens who: are directly or indirectly affected by the proliferation of short term rentals; those who sympathize with those who are affected; and the governor of Arizona, who recently highlighted the need to address this issue.

Thank you for your consideration,


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