eleven-X Real-time Parking Solution

Sedona Residents Unite fully supports delivering a parking solution to accomodate more shoppers and improve the shopping experience for Uptown business customers. We know that the City has been considering a parking garage for over 10 years. Lucky for us, in that time a team of former Blackberry Engineers have developed a much better solution!

Can you imagine being able to search for a parking spot before you even get to Uptown, find real-time occupancy information and navigate right to your parking spot?! Meet eleven-X: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=239lAj_JCA0

Our city is very similar to other cities eleven-X have helped. Those cities have seen great value! Oakville, Ontario had gridlock on the main street before they gained the ability to let the public know about the available parking. Here is a screen shot of their system. Some other examples are below:

The system can be completely digital using a phone app or be supplemented with signs to guide driver to open parking:

And the system provides incredible parking use data. This data gives us real-time visibility on our assets 24/7/365 making it the most accurate study of our parking available on the market today. This data can be used for enforcement, payment systems and evaluations of future projects. Here is just one example:

For the full solution to Uptown’s parking issues, read the Recommendations listed at the end of this article.

Following are more details on the eleven-X system capabilities: