Melissa Dunn – Candidate for Councilor

Melissa loves Sedona and loves living here. She loves the people, the red rocks, the art, the music, the quirky vibe, all of it. So, it won’t come as any surprise that the problems she wants to solve next are Sedona’s problems. 

She is well-educated (two master’s degrees, one ABD) with focus on human behaviors.

She has had an extensive career in technology (Microsoft, Amazon, Sears Digital, Sainsbury Argos in the  UK) leading teams and building solutions to everyday problems for people and businesses (including 36  patents for Microsoft) See for full academic and  career profile 

Melissa believes we need to know where we want to go, where we are now and what incremental steps we  need to take to get to our destination – always checking and measuring our results against our goals and  checking our goals as Sedona and the world around us change. 

She is also a certified instructor in hatha, yin and restorative yoga. 

Melissa’s husband George and she have taken time each year travelling the world looking for endangered  animals, unique landscapes and fascinating cultures (turns out they all are fascinating). 

With the world to choose from, like many of you, they chose Sedona as their home. 

They love Sedona, which is why they bought a home here 13 years ago. When they came back from working  in the UK, they were appalled at the transformation of the red rocks around us into a theme park, with  little to no consideration not only for the rocks, but also for those of us who live here every day and call  Sedona “home.” 

The more Melissa learned and the more feedback she received from fellow residents, the more she understood how far we are from the vision of Sedona being a wonderful place to live, and a town that welcomes tourists who want to revel in the spaces of solitude and natural wonders. 

Melissa’s position: The issues we have around adventure tourism, short term rentals v workforce housing, ATV destruction, and traffic, are complicated because they extend beyond the boundaries of Sedona to the State  Legislature, USFS policies, ADOT and large well-funded industries. Solving for these issues requires a long-term, well thought out vision supported by a roadmap of short-term measurable goals to get us to the desired result. 

The future we want can be accomplished. We simply need to know where we want to go, where we are  now and then set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound steps to get there. Change is hard and Sedona needs people who are willing to commit 100% to being the force for that change because residents and rocks matter! 

Let’s build the vision for the Sedona we, as residents, want and then the roadmap to get there!