RRN: OHVs 6 times safer than cars


Tim Perry’s article of June 2nd provides “statistics” on the dangers of OHVs versus other activities.

The lead-in graph at the top of the article is data on POLLUTION-CAUSED DEATHS PER YEAR. This is confusing to highlight in the article. Mayor Jablow is not bringing forward a concern about OHV riders potentially dying from the exhaust coming from the vehicle!!

The Mayor’s concern is OHV accidents on city streets. The OHV manufacturers clearly state that OHVs are not to be driven on the pavement. It is in THEIR documentation! Link to documentation

Tim references a USFS report for death statistics. He does not provide a reference, but the report we found provides data on OFF-ROAD use. Driving in traffic on city streets is not covered.

Tim states that, “The CPSC report also listed a total of 59 OHV-related deaths in Arizona from 2016 through 2018, or an average of 20 per year. That works out to one OHV death per 357,575 Arizonans.” This conclusion assumes that all Arizonans ride OHVs – NOT TRUE. The USFS report indicates that only 25.5% of Arizonans participate in OHV recreation.

Tim compares deaths from automoble accidents to OHVs. The USFS report also states that the average OHV owner in the West rides 23.2 days per year. Americans ride in their cars multiple times a day – probably 24 rides a week! So 20 deaths are occuring with an activity only done 23.2 days per year.

37 States do NOT allow OHVs on public roads. If the Red Rock News wants to be balanced, Tim Perry should research why 75% of the States have concluded that OHVs do not belong on paved roads. That would be useful information to share with the residents.