Scott Moffatt – Candidate for Councilor

Scott was born and raised in a small suburb of Boston, where his appreciation for “Community” formed.  His career led him to Santa Clara, California, where he met his wife, Diana.  Her parents lived in Scottsdale for a time.  It is from there that they discovered Sedona and committed to moving here for their retirement.  

Scott earned a BA in Political Science from Boston College and an MBA from the Grenoble Ecole de Management (Grenoble, France).  He had a 20-year career in a variety of Sales and Marketing roles in small businesses, start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies.  That career has honed his ability to effectively identify and manage competing interests to reach outcomes that are agreeable to all parties.

Scott’s motivation to run for Council is the overwhelming feedback from Sedona residents, employees, tradespeople, and business owners, who live and work in Sedona, that the City of Sedona is being poorly managed, eroding the sense of community and destroying the quality-of-life for Sedona Residents.  An overwhelming majority of Sedona’s economy is based on tourism, but without reasonable and effective management unconstrained tourism will destroy the Sedona that first attracted its Residents. Scott will work to create a “policy for the city” that defines the values that should drive the actions of Council.

Scott and Diana have been married 16 years.  They enjoy traveling and spending time with family.   They love the beauty of Sedona and are quickly building new friendships as members of the Sedona Elks Lodge.  Scott wants to ensure that their new hometown brings he and Diana years of joy to come.