Sedona Residents Platform

OUR VISION – We want to:

  • Build an economy that supports Residents and protects the beauty around us
  • Support Tourist Business Owners so that they can prosper 12 months a year
  • Tap the amazing expertise within Sedona to make our city robust and more self-reliant
  • Become a Community again

To do this, we believe we need to establish a City Leadership Mindset that:

  • Is NOT tourist-centric seeking more and more revenue (bed tax/sales tax)
  • Focuses on optimizing the businesses that are already in Sedona
  • Fights to protect Sedona’s beauty
  • Continually asks “What is best for the Residents”

Selection Criteria for Council/Mayoral candidates (as a group):

  • Not connected to or beholden to the Chamber of Commerce or Hotels.
  • Not owning multiple Air B&Bs in Sedona or an OHV company
  • Has demonstrated that they share the vision of the residents and will make the residents the priority over expanding tourism and business development
  • Has the business background necessary to run a city so that they will not be heavily dependent on the City Manager and City Attorney to tell them the “right answer”
  • Has demonstrated the strength and courage necessary to take power back from the City Manager
  • Has demonstrated that they understand the challenges of doing business in Sedona and will enable current businesses to thrive
  • Viewed as part of the community because of their tenure or community engagement

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We are all working together to make Sedona work for all of us. Please join us. Contribute. Volunteer. Connect. And share your comments and concerns.