Short-Term Rentals

There’s no substitute for Legislators hearing from people that are impacted by the legislation they are considering. Please take time TODAY to write to those that are supposed to represent us.

Senator JD Mesnard:  He is the sponsor of the bill that is currently passed out of the Senate and in the House.  The bill is SB1168. 

Request that he please help smaller communities like Sedona that are struggling with Short-term rentals destroying residential housing. 926-4481

Representative Steve Kaiser: Rep. Kaiser is the member in the House that has taken on the issue of short-term rentals (STRs).  Request that he give cities tools to manage the impact of STRs on our communities.  

Rep. Brenda Barton: Please email Rep. Barton and let her know you are grateful for her support of HB2711, the bill that would have allowed cites to cap STRs based off a percentage of their available housing.  She has been a great champion for us at the Legislature, but her bill is not being heard on the floor and she has continued to try and push to get it heard.  It would be encouraging for her to hear that people in Sedona are supporting her push.

Send letter to House Leadership letting them know that STRs are a major issue that they MUST take action on. They need to stop listening to the Realtor Association and Airbnb and start listening to the VOTERS!: 

Speaker Rusty Bowers:

Majority Leader Ben Toma

Majority Whip Leo Biasiucci

Speaker Pro Tem:  Travis Grantham:

BACKGROUND: Short-term rentals (e.g. Airbnb) have devastated Sedona’s affordable housing inventory. Friends and neighbors who have lived here for thirty years are told to move out. Their long-term rental is becoming a short-term rental, so they can no longer live in the place they have called home. And in turn, local businesses can no longer find employees.

Let your concerns be known by signing this petition:

Developers and out-of-state investors are buying up every available house, out-bidding families who simply want to live here. The resident population of Sedona is shrinking. Some schools have already closed due to a lack of students while others are barely hanging on. Neighborhoods are turning into hotel complexes. And the increased use of water for daily laundry jeopardizes Sedona’s sustainability. 

The short-term rental fiasco in Sedona was ushered in by a State Bill passed in 2016. It was sold as a way for Grandma to make extra money by renting out a room in her home. Reality became apparent when the investors came to town and started buying property. The general response from City Council is, “there is nothing we could do about it”. This year, by a vote of 4-3, the City Council approved hiring a Lobbyist to work the issue. Mayor Sandy Moriarty and Councilmen Tom Lamkin and Jon Thompson voted against it. It is not like the City can’t afford to hire a Lobbyist.

We believe that there is ALWAYS something that can be done. It may not be easy, but it is not impossible. Addressing this legislation will require a bi-partisan bill from the Arizona Senate and House. Five cities have hired Lobbyists. So those Lobbyists working with the Republican and Democrat organizations can generate a groundswell of support from Voters across the state. The Voters can demand that their elected officials co-sponsor a bill and get it passed. That bill would allow owner-occupied short-term rentals but limit the number of full property rentals. It would also set clear demands on the properties to ensure proper operation.

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