Short-Term Rentals

ACTION NEEDED:  We will let you know when we need YOU to take action to support a bill to control Short Term Rentals. Nothing going on right now.

The number of short-term rentals continues to increase. And Selina Bliss’ 2022 legislation was killed in committee. So we don’t have any good news. The only “hope” is that inflation and a poorer economy will reduce the demand for STRs and some of them will be sold or convert back to long-term rentals.

But if new legislation comes forward, we need to be ready. So please take time TODAY to get signed up with Request to Speak (RTS) so that you will be ready to log your opinion when a bill comes to Committee.Registration requires going in person to the Capital in Phoenix, BUT there are organizations that will do that for you.  They will also train you on how to use RTS.  They are political organization, so you probably want to contact the one that aligns with your political leanings:

Liberal: Civic Engagement Beyond Voting  – Look for Request to Speak in the header.

Conservative: Arizona Free Enterprise –  Email them at to request registration.

If you are already registered with RTS, here is the link

BACKGROUND: Short-term rentals (e.g. Airbnb) have devastated Sedona’s affordable housing inventory. Friends and neighbors who have lived here for thirty years are told to move out. Their long-term rental is becoming a short-term rental, so they can no longer live in the place they have called home. And in turn, local businesses can no longer find employees.

Developers and out-of-state investors are buying up every available house, out-bidding families who simply want to live here. The resident population of Sedona is shrinking. Some schools have already closed due to a lack of students while others are barely hanging on. Neighborhoods are turning into hotel complexes. And the increased use of water for daily laundry jeopardizes Sedona’s sustainability. 

The short-term rental fiasco in Sedona was ushered in by a State Bill passed in 2016. It was sold as a way for Grandma to make extra money by renting out a room in her home. Reality became apparent when the investors came to town and started buying property. The City Council has hired a Lobbyist to work the issue. Five cities have hired Lobbyists. So those Lobbyists working with the Republican and Democrat organizations can hopefully generate a groundswell of support from Voters across the state.

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Sedona Residents Unite is a non-partisan ( Democrat, Independent, Republican) group of concerned Sedona residents who love our home and are concerned over what has happened to it. 

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