The Voice of Sedona’s Residents

Our Voice, Our Concerns, Our Needs

For too long the City and those we elected to represent us have not listened to our concerns. They turn a deaf ear to us in favor of the hotels, the Chamber of Commerce and the endless flow of unsustainable tourism that support them.

We have watched a continuous flow of traffic and tourism cripple our roads, trails and home. New hotels have been approved to encourage this increasing flood. Short-term rentals have decimated affordable housing and many local businesses are unable to find employees. The City talks about protecting the environment while allowing hundreds of off-road rental vehicles to destroy it.

Although some are profiting from the Disneyfication of Sedona, residents are suffering. We are clearly on the wrong path for our town. The current Mayor and council members have many excuses for why they cannot do anything about it and plan to continue this unsustainable and damaging direction.

It is long past time for a change.

You can help make these necessary changes happen. Vote for people who represent Sedona’s residents. Click here to meet the Candidates we have endorsed.

Understand the issues. Follow this link to a position paper written by a member of Sedona Residents Unite. It explains the problem with Too Much Tourism and provides a SOLUTION.

It is time for residents to take back our town.

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We are all working together to make Sedona work for all of us. Please join us. Volunteer. Connect. And share your comments and concerns.