The Voice of Sedona’s Residents


We now have a new City Council and new Mayor in place. They have already demonstrated their commitment to listen to the residents. The City Council meeting has a new freshness – they show respect for what the residents have to say and dialog to find the best solution!

The Council is taking over tourism management with a commitment to achieve a balance between tourism and community AND protect the environment. The Council is pushing for more accountability on how the bed tax is being spent.

Short-term rentals have decimated affordable housing and many local businesses are unable to find employees. The City has hired a lobbyist and is working closely with the State Representatives to progress a bill to give the city more local control.

Sedona Residents Unite is doing everything we can to help the City leadership stay on course and make progress on critical issues.

We will use this website to help you understand the issues and provide a progress status. We are also desiging future Community Forums to cover the key issues. Join our email list so that you we be informed of these events.

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We are all working together to make Sedona work for all of us. Please join us. Volunteer. Connect. And share your comments and concerns.